What are some of the factors that can contribute to Morbid Obesity ?

December 16, 2006 · Filed Under obesity 

There are quite a few things that can result in a person becoming morbidly obese and they range from genetics to physical conditions. Some of these are controllable through life style changes but some are not controllable by the person and will require some sort of medical procedure to control. Weight Loss Surgery or Gastric Bypass surgery are one way that morbidly obese people can get their weight under control

Morbid obesity which is caused by genetics stems from a genetic condition within your family. This is something that cannot really be controlled, but distinction needs to be made between morbidly obese people that get this way from genetics and those that learn these patterns from their family. You may look around and see that everyone in your family is overweight and automatically ascertain that this is a result of genetics, but that may not be correct. Children learn from other family members and if family members tend to overeat, then there is a good chance the children of that family will learn to over eat too. Of course the restaurants in the USA do not help with this either as the portions are always much more than you actually need. The child portions in most restaurants are an adequate portion of food for most adults.

Self-Esteem and psychology issues can also contribute to morbid obesity. A lot of people tend to eat more when they are feeling down or depressed. The behavior of overeating is a learned behavior and once you start doing this for any amount of time it becomes part of your everyday behavior. Things like long term stress either caused by bad relationships or unfavorable work condition can affect your eating habits.

The longer these above conditions affect your life and behaviors the harder they are to change. Sometimes weight loss surgery is the only way to overcome morbid obesity. You should consult your weight loss surgeon to see if this surgery is a correct choice for you. Only a surgeon who specializes in weight loss surgery can determine whether you are a good candidate for this weight loss surgery.

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