Why is Morbid Obesity so Bad?

December 16, 2006 · Filed Under obesity 

There are many reasons why morbid obesity is so bad and these have absolutely nothing to do with cosmetics. Many people want to be thin because they want to be attractive. Who defines attractive anyway. Our culture shows you all these super models who are pretty much anorexic and they tell you that is the way you should look. The truth is most of these type of people are self centered and self-indulgent.  The truth is that looking good should not be a concern when you need to get morbid obesity under control. The bottom line is that morbid obesity can kill you.

Health problems associated with morbid obesity can become serious illnesses and shorten your life. Studies have shown that someone who is morbidly obese can have their life shortened dramatically. For a morbidly obese person the odds of reaching a normal life span are one seventh of a normal person. That is ten years. You can make changes now and add years onto your life. There are a lot of methods for getting weight under control from dieting to exercise, but these methods do not work for a lot of people and just causes depression which causes them to eat more and gain more weight. Sometimes getting your weight under control requires weight loss surgery in the form of one of the weight loss surgery procedures, such as Roux-en-Y weight loss surgery, sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch, laparoscopic gastric banding , commonly known as lap-band surgery, and the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy or VSG. The surgery chosen depends upon your individual preferences and goals for your weight loss as they are all different weight loss surgery procedures and they have different results.

Morbid obesity can have a lot of negative effects on your health, they can create health problems or make ones that you already have worse. People who are morbidly obese have problems which reduces their quality of life. These issues may inhibit social interaction as they feel uncomfortable in social situations because of the way they look. Their ability to work may also be affected and it can limit their ability to advance their life to the fullest. This can even affect the ability of the person to bare children. If you suffer from this problem of morbid obesity then please look for alternatives to getting it under control, whether that is an effective diet and exercise plan or even weight loss surgery. And remember you are beautiful just as you are but you could be more healthy and that is what is really important.

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