Cost of Bariatric Surgery

December 17, 2006 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery · Comment 

The cost of weight loss surgery is substantial for most people and most insurance companies are refusing to pay. Julie was speaking about this just the other day. See, Julie has fought a weight problem all her life, she tries to eat right and to exercise but for some reason perhaps related to genetics she just can’t lose weight. The problem has gotten serious enough that it is starting to cause health problems and endanger her life.

Julie now realizes that something has to be done, so she is now looking at the option of having Weight Loss Surgery. Specifically the Laparoscopic  Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. This surgery is designed to help her lose weight to 50%-55% of her ideal body weight. While this surgery does not cause the most weight loss it is the safest and does not run the risk of malabsorption issues  for the patient. Many doctors are now recommending this procedure for people who are not in immediate health risk from their weight. Julie has completed all the prequalifying procedures with her weight loss surgeon and she has been classified as an ideal candidate for weight loss surgery. She is educated on the dangers of continuing to carry around additional weight, she understands the life choices needed as is prepared to make those choices. She is in relatively good health except for the additional weight and her body mass index is not too high around 44. She understands that by getting her BMI down to a normal range could add years to her life and that this is something she needs to do for her own quality of life and those of her family. Read more