” Attain quick weight loss with minimal price bariatric surgery in India”

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Bariatric Surgery, also known as weight loss surgery is largely being undertaken by in India by abroad patients and medical tourists who want to get a fit body with obesity removal. Patients from various countries like US, UK, Nigeria actively take part in this type of Bariatric surgery. Key role of India is that to cater best treatment and that too at low cost. People approaching to Indian doctors for getting freedom from obesity have returned back smilingly to their homes after getting medically safe weight loss procedures like gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding surgery, sleeve gastrectomy and revision gastric bypass. The entire package of medical treatment in India is guaranteed to ensure maximum comfort and the most professional treatment for medical tourists, as well as the usual benefits of sightseeing and leisure tourism in India. The aim is to provide you cost effective medical treatment, whether you are a sightseer who wants to undergo a quick bariatric surgery in India with minimal price.

Bariatric surgery alters the digestive process. The operations promote weight loss by closing off parts of the stomach to make it smaller. Operations that only reduce stomach size are known as” restrictive operations” because they restrict the amount of food the stomach can hold. It limits the amount of food you can consume at one time and enables you to feel satisfied after smaller portions. It provides deterrent to eating sweets by giving most patients” the dumping syndrome” after consumption of concentrated sweets. This helps alleviate the craving for desserts and sweetened beverages in most patients. Sugar substitutes are used instead. It provides you with a”tool” to help achieve the permanent weight loss you desire.

Medical tourism in India assists and arranges for medical treatment, hospitalization, stay and travel for those abroad patients who desire to get weight reduction through an outpatient Bariatric surgery in India at Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and other medically high tech Indian cities. Medical tourism in India links the space between patients of U.S.A, U.K, Europe & Africa and abroad trained weight loss surgeons in India who are providing health recovery at an affordable cost. The doctors and hospitals in India provide the best medical treatment that includes modern surgical procedures, safe anesthesia and medications. Abroad patients opting to get an obesity free and fit body through weight loss procedures like roux-n-gastric bypass surgery, gastric bypass surgery, lap banding surgery and intra gastric balloon surgery can get easy arrangements of medical visa from their nearest Indian embassies. Know more about affordable cost bariatric surgery in India at http://www.forerunnershealthcare.com/ or mail your case details at [email protected]

Get Assured Weight Loss With Bariatric Surgery in India

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Many patients are traveling to India for bariatric surgery due to high prices in Europe and want to get other treatment at vastly reduced cost of 60% or more. The benefits of doing this are huge; Price advantage is a major selling point. The slogan thus is, “First World treatment’ at Third World prices” the cost differential across the board is huge: only a tenth and sometimes even a sixteenth of the cost in the West! Cosmetic surgeries in western countries cost three to four times as much as in India.  If you have never considered this country for surgery now is the time to start, as the advantages make total sense – and the surgery is comparable with any in Europe or the US.

Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure done to alter the stomach to treat severe obesity. It is a term derived from the Greek words: ”weight” and ”treatment.” Bariatric surgical procedures are major gastrointestinal operations that (a) seal off most of the stomach to reduce the amount of food one can eat, and (b) rearrange the small intestine to reduce the calories the bodies can absorb. There are several different types of bariatric weight loss surgical procedures, but they are known collectively as ‘Bariatric surgery’. Ideal candidates are those who have not been able to lose weight through traditional forms of treatment. If you have been struggling with chronic obesity for many years, you may be a good candidate. However, not everyone who wants to lose weight should undergo this surgery.

Nevertheless, all surgical procedures have serious risks. Patients with extensive bypasses of the normal digestive process require not only close monitoring, but also life-long use of special foods and medications.

  • Vomiting
    Vomiting may occur as a result of restrictive operations. The small stomach pouch being overly stretched by food particles that have not been chewed well causes it.


  • Pregnancy risks
    Women of childbearing age must plan to avoid pregnancy for at least two years following the surgery and until their weight has stabilized. Rapid weight loss and nutrition deficiencies can harm a developing fetus.


Necessary follow-up operations

Two to five percent of patients who have weight loss operations require follow-up operations to correct complications. Abdominal hernias are the most common complications that require follow-up surgery. Less common complications include breakdown of the staple line and stretched stomach outlets.

Bariatric surgery is one very popular form of obesity surgery which putting things simply causes weight loss by making the stomach smaller. The cost of surgery is not cheap by any means. For an experience obesity surgeon to perform the operation will cost very high, especially in western countries. For example you can get an all-inclusive deal in India for quarter of an amount as compared to the USA. Indian hospitals have very well trained surgeons, as well as the US surgeons if not better. The price normally includes pick-up at the airport, hospital, band, physician fees, and pre-op workup. So, all that is needed is to add the cost of a flight. Lots of people are getting their bariatric surgery done in India at much cheaper cost.


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Weight Loss Surgery – an easy way to discover a new confident you!

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How it feels to be obese, only the person with obesity knows!

Who does not want to look smart and charming in today’s times? A slender and sleek physique not only makes one look smarter but adds to one’s personality and confidence also. But for an obese person all this seems impossible.

Obesity is not just a cosmetic consideration; it is a dire health dilemma directly harmful to one’s health. Obesity is associated with many diseases, particularly heart disease, diabetes, breathing difficulties during sleep, certain types of cancer, and osteoarthritis. It is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it has an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy. The efficiently designed weight reduction programs with Indicure are just the right option for the obese people.

These programs are specifically designed for people who are clinically obese. The clinical definition of obesity is a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. The BMI is the body’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of the body’s height in meters.

The weight loss programs with Indicure comprise of comprehensive surgical techniques involving multiple specialties and services. These include laparoscopic weight loss procedures like Laparoscopic Gastric band surgery, Laparoscopic Gastric bypass surgery, Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon Surgery amongst others.

Laparoscopic Gastric band surgery is a minimally invasive weight loss surgery in which a gastric band is inserted around the top of the stomach to reduce the volume of the stomach. When you eat satiety or fullness of stomach comes early and thus you would start eating less, which in turn leads to significant weight loss.

Laparoscopic Gastric bypass surgery allows food to bypass part of the small intestine by reducing the size of the stomach which makes you feel full more quickly than when your stomach was its original size. This helps in reducing the amount of food you eat and thus the calories consumed, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

The BIB (or Bioenterics Intragastric Baloon) System is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical aid in the treatment of obesity. In conjunction with a supervised diet and behaviour modification program, it can help you achieve the health and aesthetic benefits associated with weight loss

These programs have a very comprehensive protocol to help the patients reduce excess weight after the procedure. The patients achieve very satisfactory and significant weight loss from the beginning of the procedure.

The specialists at Indicure understand how daunting weight loss can seem and are there to support the patients at every step of the way. The program combines weight loss procedures with ongoing support. So the patients get a clear diet plan following surgery as well as specialist support from dieticians and counselors.

For more information about weight loss surgeries, visit www.indicure.com and www.indicurecosmeticsurgery.com or write to [email protected]