Biggest Loser Season 3

January 2, 2009 · Filed Under Weight Loss · Comment 

I’ve been watching the Biggest Loser marathon pretty much all day. I should be out working out today, but I’ve found the biggest loser reality show to be a little inspirational. I’ve never watched the biggest loser before, yet alone an entire season of any reality show in one sitting, but I’ve found the biggest loser season 3 to be interesting.

As I watch these people I can identify with them. Now I’m not as overweight as anyone on the show, well at least when they started. I am a little bigger than some of the people are at the moment, but I’m not overly overweight. I could lose a few pounds, probably around 30 and it would really help me out. I think I need to really get onthe ball here and lose some weight.Watching the biggest loser series may be some good motivation to help me make that happen.

I’m not sure I can watch each weeks show as it comes out with the new biggest loser season, but perhaps I could buy all the seasons on a DVD or something. If you are trying to lose some weight and you have never watched the biggest loser then you may want to check it out as it may provide you with some additional motivation.