How Do I Have Weight Loss Surgery Overseas?

May 29, 2009 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery · Comment 

Weight loss surgery is one of the few surgeries that isn’t covered by US insurance plans. This makes it difficult for overweight people to find insurance coverage for their weight loss surgery and to avoid the exorbitant cost of the procedure. Enter the world of medical tourism, where a person can have weight loss surgery in an exotic locale overseas and will pay a fraction of the costs of the same procedure in the West.

How do I sign up?

Basically, you get in contact with MedPath or another medical tourism site and locate an exotic locale like India, Costa Rica and Thailand, where the surgery can be performed inexpensively and with internationally renowned surgeons who have done hundreds of weight loss surgeries in the past. You’ll make your flight arrangements and travel overseas.

There, you’ll meet with your personal attendant who will get you from the airport to the luxury hotel where you’ll have a five star hotel room at a grand hotel. Your assistant will arrange all of your doctor’s appointments and your surgery, leaving you to just enjoy the location and perhaps get some sightseeing in. You will have an appointment to meet your doctor and will discuss with him or her how the surgery will go. Tests may need to be run to make sure you’re healthy enough for surgery and you may need to have a meeting with a qualified nutritionist to discuss what nutrition is like after weight loss surgery.

The surgery is done exactly as it is done in the United States and the surgeons are internationally accredited, having done many such surgeries in the past. The hospital is state of the art and the hospital room is like a five star hotel. You feel like a king or queen as you go through the process of weight loss surgery.

On the day of your surgery, your personal attendant will retrieve you from the hotel and will take you to the state of the art surgery suite. You’ll have the procedure and wake up with a crack staff of nurses taking care of you. You’ll go to your hospital room and will recover in opulence. You’re allowed to have friends or relatives to come with you and to be with you after the procedure. Immediately, you’ll begin working with the nutritionist on eating small bites of food. When you’re ready, you’ll go back to your hotel and begin preparations to go home.