There Comes a Time When Enough is Enough – Weight Loss Surgery

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If the time has come for you to consider weight loss surgery, take it from someone who has had the procedure, think again, and yet again. Like it or not, the lifestyle changes that are demanded for successful long-term weight loss will still be there after any weight loss surgery. And if you think that weight loss surgery will for ever settle your weight control issues, you’re in for a big surprise. Instead of removing your weight control issues, this weight loss procedure will require you to continually focus on everything you put in your mouth.

The changes to your life are nothing short of dramatic. While almost everyone focuses on the benefits of weight loss surgery, few are willing to admit that living with the decision can be very difficult and at times complicated. Yes, the majority of surgery, patients will lose between 75 and 100 pounds but it’s not without its costs. Do not make the mistake of minimizing these costs as they will be with you for the rest of your life.


1. Because you’re eating so much less, taking vitamins, minerals and supplements will need to become part of your daily life. Or not talking a one a day vitamin, but usually, a handful of very strong and potent vitamins to maintain your health.

2. You will think twice and sometimes three times before eating anything dense like a one half slice of bread. This is because it takes longer for this type of food to digest which means it sets in your stomach longer. And it sets at the top of your stomach as your stomach acids work to digest and break down the complex carbohydrates. Some days it will be no problem, while others it will cause painful heartburn and discomfort. Oh, you also won’t ever be certain each time you take a bite, whether it will be okay or not.

3. Think about your favorite food smells. Imagine Pizza, warm cinnamon rolls in the morning, fresh baked bread or a hot hamburger right off the grill. Now imagine living with those smells throughout your life and realize that the most you can half at any one sitting is a single bite or two. Now reread the above problem that he may face when you do have that bite or two.

4. Feeling full and feeling satisfied are not the same thing. While weight loss surgery does work, it only works on the physical side of weight control. That is, you cannot physically eat very much at any one sitting. Well, surgery will quickly make you feel full with just a couple of bites of food, that food isn’t very satisfying. This is because the feeling of fullness isn’t that deep down in your gut satisfaction you feel after eating a full meal. No it’s more of a full that if you eat another bite, you will surely get sick and vomit type feeling.

5. You will live in a society where food is as much a social event as fueling your body with energy. Business lunches, evening dinners with your loved ones and attending a friends or family event that includes eating becomes problematic.

These are just some of the things that you should consider before committing to gastric weight loss surgery. It’s easy to focus strictly on the weight loss aspect without thinking about how this radical, though safe surgical procedure will change your life forever

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Skinny Switch Secret Diet

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Seems like every couple of days someone else is pushing some diet, well today its the skinny switch secret diet. Now I have no idea if this secret diet makes you skinny with the flip of a switch or not, but what i do know is switching back between diets is one of the things that has gotten most people over weight. We have all heard about this diet or the Atkins diet and a host of others. Now these diets will work as long as we remember one thing. In order for anyone to lose weight then there is one truth you must follow. Now this does not matter if its a MUFU diet or a high protein low carb diet, but it counts for every diet out there. If you want to lose weight then your calorie intake must be less than your calorie burn on a daily basis. If this happens then you do not have a choice but to lose weight.

If you are working out and eating sensibly then you will lose weight. The main reason a lot of people look to diets such as the skinny switch secret diet is because they lack the will power to eat sensibly. If  this is the case and you are morbidly obese then you may want to consider one of the weight loss reduction surgeries to help you control your calorie intake. Of course with the right motivation you won’t need surgery as you will  be able to do it your self by eating less than you work off. Whether you opt to have  surgery out not remember losing weight it a life choice and making the right decision can change your life for ever.