Safe Surgical Weight Loss Methods

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Surgical Weight Loss or otherwise called as Bariatric surgery has been available for the past several years. However, bar iatric surgery is not a magic cure and is not an easy option for people suffering from morbid obesity. It is a drastic step rather that involves the usual risk and pain of any other major gastro-intestinal surgical operation. In this type of surgery, the size of the stomach is hugely reduced by using different techniques.

After this surgery, the person cannot eat much at a time, which can lead to dramatic weight loss, to the range of about twenty percent over the next one to two years. But the large question is, if it is significant. There are considerable health costs involved by being obese and with having undergone the surgery. i.e., serious heart problems may occur by being obese on one hand while on the other, various health problems or even a huge risk of death is associated by having the weight loss surgery.

Who can qualify for surgical weight loss?

National Health Institute, The Unites States has approved certain standards in determining whether an individual is qualified as morbidly obese. Generally obesity is measured using body mass index or BMI that is determined by dividing the weight of a person in kilograms by the height of the person in meters squared. Individuals with a BMI greater than 35 to 40 associated with other severe disorders qualify for the weight loss surgery. It is also a common requirement that the patient should have had a failed attempt earlier at other weight loss programs for a minimum of 18 months period.

After having met with the NIH standards and disorders assessed, the psychological state of the patient is assessed by most doctors, which may also require consultation with a psychiatrist to evaluate the issues like familial relationships, body image and addiction. Finally the decision to perform the surgery is made by taking into account all these issues. Many people who inquire about the weight loss surgery do not receive surgery and instead counseling is done on other weight loss programs that do not require surgery because of the stringent legal requirements.

Types of weight loss surgery

Billiopancreatic Diversion is a rare type of weight loss surgery in which almost three-fourth of the stomach is completely removed and the rest is connected to the last segment of the small intestine. Several post surgery problems associated with this surgery are loss of bone density for life, Dumping syndrome and anemia.

Roux – en Y gastric bypass is another method. The stomach is either sewn or stapled in the upper half portion in this method thereby creating a smaller stomach above the stomach. The food bypasses here as the intestines are connected to the smaller stomach. The amount of food intake reduces and the weight loss occurs rapidly. This weight loss surgery is more invasive and time to recover is more for the patients. The success rate of this weight loss surgery is stated to be quite high.

Another type of weight loss surgery similar to the above Roux – en Y gastric bypass surgery is the Vertical Banded Gastroplasty. In this method, the upper part of stomach is stapled and the intestines left intact.

In the Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery, a new stomach pouch is produced inside the stomach. This can be done by Laparoscopic method. Patients now prefer this type of surgery, as the post surgery health complications are less.

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Weight Loss Programs Explained – Truth About Weight Loss Programs

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Many weight loss programs exist either on the web or in bookshelves. With change of our lifestyles, we have embraced junk food which is easier to make or buy on the counter in place of the natural and unprocessed foods rich in all nutrients the body needs for normal functioning. Most junk foods are rich in fats and carbohydrates that often lead to sudden weight increase due to absence of exercises and physical activities to burn the excesses.

Most of these weight loss programs are very expensive and the available free excerpts in the web act as teasers and don’t give you comprehensive information that may help you unless you purchase the e-book or a copy of the hard covered books. Though still the cheapest, results are not guaranteed and most users are left frustrated after the programs fail.

Weight loss is one of the most expensive, highly uncontrolled and equally heartbreaking remedy for being overweight being sought by lots of people around the world. Enrolling in reputable weight loss center and camps, using meal replacement shakes and diets, hiring weight loss gurus and weight loss surgeries are other options available with costs too high for common people to afford. Some of these personalized programs have positive results but only for a short while to most.

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is a sure way of enjoying the new you. After successful weight loss programs, most people still slip back to the old lifestyles and gain their weight back. A high level of personal discipline is of outmost importance if at all you want to keep that new figure and increased confidence as your achievement.
Have a successful weight loss program but stick to the basics……..Disciplining your body is the key!.

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What Method is Best for Weight Loss?

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Weight loss is a huge business now-days and there are so many different methods that promises results, that it is very hard to navigate in this jungle. With all of the diet tricks out there, it is difficult to determine which weight loss methods are legitimate.  Also most of these methods are costly and often give different results from individual to individual, this makes it even more difficult to find one that works for you. 

My recommendation if you are looking for permanent results is to go the natural way; fat diets, unbalanced diets, diet pills, diet supplements, weight loss surgery and other short term weight loss methods are not recommended for permanent weight control.  Sudden weight loss methods are also dangerous to the body.  But today more people are realizing that natural weight loss methods are the only way to achieve healthy, lasting results. Natural weight loss methods are proven to be the safest. 

A natural method is, when your body burns more fat that it consumes. What you put in your mouth is of course very important also. There are many diets available, for example herbal weight loss methods are proving to be effective the world over, and have attracted wide-spread media attention as a result.  Other effective weight loss method is the good old exercise. Exercise is a natural as well as permanent solution for weight loss.

There are clinics and doctor’s specialized on weight manage. A patient’s situation is carefully studied and after that the plan is to manage body weight depending on the patient’s risk factors in health, and the rate and effect of these factors.  These methods are costly, but you will feel that you are in safe hands.

Not long ago a medical clinic run a test on people who had earlier participated in a weight loss program;

First all participants received two dietary questionnaires to complete at home. When looking at the results, it should be noted that for role functioning, emotional and mental health there was no difference in the scores between those perceiving themselves as just right and too fat.  For men a similarly direct relationship was observed between weight loss history and quality of life, but differences between weight loss categories were significant only for physical functioning, bodily pain, general health and vitality.  For women all quality of life dimensions (with the exception of vitality, mental health and role-functioning emotional) differed between body mass indexes after adjustment, with the overweight having lower mean scores.  Perceived weight was associated with general health and vitality, independent of obesity in men. Those women with a stronger history of weight loss had significantly lower scores for physical function, mental health, bodily pain, role functioning, emotional, social function and vitality.  Longitudinal analysis showed that women with weight increase of greater than 10% had significant lower quality of life scores in terms of physical health, general health and vitality.

This shows us that excess fat in our bodies makes us vulnerable for depression and mental problems, also our vitality levels go down, which means a lower life quality. These results also reflect findings in psycho-social literature and speculation on the part of many clinical and public health practitioners that the impact of obesity on well-being more often depend on subjective assessment by an individual of their weight rather than realistic appraisal relative to healthy standards. 

In a society with such a high prevalence of overweight and obesity, quick fix weight loss methods are in high demand.  This is also where the business starts, and I’m sorry to say there are many out there that are more interested in their own earnings than patients well being. Therefore go only after diets and methods which are medically tested and approved.  

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