Information About Weight Loss Surgery – What You Need To Know

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Studies have proved time and again that a proper diet and age appropriate exercise is the right way to losing weight and maintaining a fit and healthy body.

Unfortunately for some people who lack positive will power or because of their genetic predisposition continue to suffer from obesity in spite of every effort to lose weight, other methods are sometimes required to help them reduce weight.

Fad diets as we all know are temporary and most don’t even work as expected leave alone produce long term effective results.Although some nutritional supplements might work to a small extent,many resort to weight loss surgery with the hope of losing large amounts of weight.

Nowadays there are a variety of fat loss surgeries to choose from but they all have their advantages and disadvantages.The effectiveness, risk and the side effects of a particular surgery should be carefully weighed before making a decision.

With rapid progress in the field of medicine , surgical techniques have also become more skilled and effective today.Though they do lead to substantial weight loss this is brought about more due to restricted intake of calories or because the body absorbs less of the food eaten.

One of the earliest known forms of fat reduction is the Gastric Bypass surgery.It was once considered extremely dangerous as it involves removing all or part of the stomach and reconnecting the digestive system.Although this surgery has evolved it still isn’t a preferred method as it involves high risks.Patients who undergo this procedure may sometimes have to consume nutritional supplements for life or even worse suffer from diseases or constant nutritional deficiencies.

Stomach stapling is another technique that has been around for sometime.Although the procedure has become much safer over the years yet there are substantial risks associated with it.This process involves opening the patient and stapling portions of the stomach with specialized surgical staples.However recent techniques may involve Laparoscopy where the surgeon creates a small hole to work through the body instead of opening up the patient.

The negative effects of such surgery can include a risk of bleeding though the chances are few.Patients can however become ill if they consume more than the recommended amounts of food and have nutritional deficiencies that can become a lifelong issue.

The main aim of stomach stapling is to reduce the size of the patients stomach so that they will consume less food which in turn means fewer intake of calories.The body then turns to the stored fat for energy thereby resulting in the reduction of weight and burning of fat.

Instead of puncturing the stomach ,physicians can instead install an adjustable lap band around the patients stomach so that it makes it possible for them to adjust the effect as the patient loses weight.

This procedure is considered quite safe and can be administered on an outpatient basis.Though some might consider the band itself to be a bit of an inconvenience it isn’t painful.However this procedure is quite expensive and many insurance companies do not cover it.

For this procedure to be successful,close medical observation is recommended for the patients health because rapid weight loss will lead to many hormonal changes.

Surgeries that are conducted for weight loss are termed Geriatric surgery and the procedure itself has several names such as Biliopancreatic Diversion, Vertical Banded Gastroplasty, Adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy (with or without Duodenal Switch), Roux-en-Y gastric bypass among others.

It is important for those considering surgery for weight loss to carefully look into the pros and cons of the procedure.If you have made the decision to go in for weight loss surgery you should consult an experienced physician.But for some committing themselves to improving their diet and lifestyle in order to lose weight seems like a much better option than surgery.

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