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Persons who are obese suffer from various physical and mental issues. As a result, even after attempting all these methods if you are unable to shed the weight, it is smart to consult with your weight loss  specialist the process of a gastric bypass surgery lose weight.

However, the gastric bypass cost may not seem to fit everyone’s budget. So, the expense for mini gastric bypass may very well suit the finances of such patients. A simple mini gastric bypass surgical procedure decreases excess fats, calories, and absorption of foods from the small intestines.

Typically, the cost of mini gastric bypass procedure is between $15,000 – $20,000. Open incision and laparoscopic surgery are a couple of techniques that are used to perform the surgery. Because most insurance companies are insuring the procedure gastric weight loss surgery, it is a good idea to verify with your insurance company before selecting any of the surgical techniques.

If you find out that the insurance company will not pay for such surgeries then choose to go for a mini gastric bypass surgery would be a great decision. As conventional bypass surgery normally runs above $20,000, a “mini” surgery will assist in losing some weight at a much lesser price.

On the other hand, there are some insurance companies who will insure this mini or conventional gastric bypass surgery subject to a person being qualified. To qualify, an individual has to be overweight by at least 100 pounds.

Also, the patient must have previously shown a continued attempts to reduce their weight from alterations in their lifestyle such as diet and exercise. The eligible individual should also not have any of the following: signs of depression past or present, psychiatric disorder or alcohol abuse.

In addition, it is also required for the patient to be considered obese for at least 5 years pre-surgery to become a qualified patient to request an insurance claim to take care of the gastric bypass surgery expense.

Besides the expenses, the added cost of emotions and physical anguish is there too.
The primary reason that lowers the mini gastric bypass expenses and the pain involved in this technique is because the different incisions made for this method are very tiny.

These incisions are made on the interior of the abdomen and a laparoscope is
used along with custom made instruments for the surgery. In summary, if you want an economical weight loss solution, mini gastric bypass surgery is without a doubt a smart consideration.

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