The Effects of Gastric Bypass Surgery

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The main effects of gastric bypass surgery or that you lose weight. Now while losing weight is a great benefit to having gastric bypass surgery, its by far not the only benefit. Obesity is one of the major health obstacles facing society and there have been studies that show that people who are at their ideal weight have fewer health problems. One of the benefits of gastric bypass surgery is that  a lot of people who have type II diabetes find the disease reduced and many time people with Type II Diabetes actually overcome their disease all together and no longer exhibit the symptoms of diabetes.

Other benefits of gastric bypass surgery include health benefits in joint and muscle pain. Of course this just makes sense if you think about it. If your knees are used to carrying around a certain amount of weight and you take  100 pounds or more off the weight your muscles must transport then you are just going to feel better and have an easier time. Many former bariatric patients have reported an over all feeling of better health and they are able to have an improved quality of life which was not possible prior to the gastric bypass surgery.

These are just some of the benefits of gastric bypass surgery and there are many more benefits to having a gastric surgery procedure. Regardless of the type of gastric bypass surgery you may decide to have the benefits will be immense and it will help improve your life.

Surgery for Weight Loss

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As more and more people attempt to lose weight and are failing with traditional diets, many people are opting to have surgery for weight loss. There are quite a few surgical procedures which can be used to promote weight loss you just need to determine which is the correct surgery for weight loss depending on your unique situation.

One of the more popular surgeries for weight loss is the installation of the lapband. The lapband is not as intrusive as some of the other weight loss surgeries as it involves placing a band around around the beginning of the stomach. This prevents you from eating as much and a result causes you to lose weight.

Another procedure which is very popular and one of the few procedures that a lot of insurance companies will pay for is the Roux en Y or RNY. This procedure is really the gastric bypass procedure as it involves re-routing the intestine so that food is not fully digested. It also limits the amount of food you can consume and causes weight loss. One thing about the RNY is that you really have to watch your food consumption to ensure you are getting enough protein and other nutrients in your system.

Another surgery for weight loss is the Vertical Sleeve surgery also known as the sleeve surgery for weight loss and the VSG surgery. This surgery involves removing part of the stomach and stapling the stomach back together. This produces a banana shaped stomach and as a result reduces the amount of food you can intake. This is one of the safer surgeries outside of the lapband as it does not really disrupt the digestive tract like the RNY surgical procedure does and as a result people who opt for the VSG surgery for weight loss do not suffer as many problems with nutrient levels.