Healthy Eating for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

December 30, 2006 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery · Comment 

You did it! You had weight loss surgery! Now your goal is to eat healthy so your operation was not a loss. Though 80% of all weight loss surgeries are a success, the other 20% often fail because they neglect to stick to the post-surgery diet.

It’s not easy changing your life style after weight loss surgery. Not only will you need to change what you eat, it is time to change both your eating and exercise habits.

First, focus on your reasons for having weight loss surgery. Keep that reason in front of you at all times. Write it down and tape it to the mirror and the refrigerator. Below it write “healthy eating” and “exercise”. If you love fast food, the anti-healthy eating demon, post this in your car to help you by drive by the drive through. Keeping your “why” in front of you will help keep you from slipping.

After you had your weight loss surgery, your doctor should have reviewed a new diet with you. If you tuned him out while staring Read more