Weight Loss Surgery for children

December 14, 2006 · Filed Under obesity, Weight Loss Surgery · Comment 

Obesity in children is growing at an alarming rate in the United States. Our kids are getting fat. Need to get rid of the Playstations and Wii’s but that’s another topic. Some people are considering weight loss surgery for their children as if the child’s obesity continues then it could pose serious health implications later on. This is probably not a good idea as your child is still growing and this surgery could have negative side effects in children. Weight loss surgery has risks for everyone, but children are still growing and having this surgery could be very detrimental to their growth.

The common forms of Weight Loss surgery result in malabsorption, which prevents the nutrients eaten from being absorbed properly. This means that the important nutrients your child needs to develop healthy bones and muscle tissue may not make it into your child’s system. Consider the consequences seriously before scheduling your child for Weight Loss surgery as it may do more harm than good. Of course if the health state of your child is critical then it may be the right idea. Only a qualified weight loss surgeons can answer these questions about individual. Consult a medical professional before making decisions such as weight loss surgery procedures.