Lap Band Surgery in India: Weight Loss in a Short Time

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Obesity is always taken for grant but many people don’t know that obesity works as an entrance door for many chronic disease. There are ample of disease which is cause because obesity. Lap band surgery is one of the best solutions for obesity which provide weight loss in a short time. The Lap-Band is the only adjustable weight loss surgery; in fact, band adjustment is a regular part of follow up for this procedure and is done without the need of surgery. Inflating or deflating the band can adjust the amount of food you can eat. The band is adjusted, as needed depending on your weight loss progress or other reasons like pregnancy or illness. Many develop countries have facilities for lap band surgery but due to the high cost is not possible for everyone to afford it. In search of a low cost option many international patients are having their lap band surgery in India. Hospitals of lap band surgery in India at Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Goa, Chennai and Hyderabad are providing low cost option to the patients without compromising with their healthcare facilities.

 How is Lap Band placed?

The name Lap-Band comes from Laparoscopic Gastric Band. Laparoscopy is the surgical technique used to place the band. With Laparoscopy the surgeon makes a few incisions in the abdominal wall and inserts narrow, hollow tubes. Extremely small and thin instruments are then passed through the tubes. The instruments include a microscopic camera that sends video to a monitor that is used by the surgeon to see inside the abdomen. This technique is the least invasive of all weight loss surgeries and has the least risk of complications.

Once the instruments are in place, a small tunnel is made behind the top of the stomach. The band is then pulled around the stomach to form a ring. This ring is then locked holding securely the band in a circle around the stomach.

There are many advantages of the Laparoscopy over an open surgery where a larger incision is required. After a Laparoscopy surgery most people experience much less pain, there are fewer Complications and patients are able to recover much faster, resuming activities usually within a few days.

There are numerous foreigners that are flying to have their lap band surgery in India. It is not to see the backwaters of Kerala or the beautiful beaches of Goa but to rid themselves of the extra flab, what binds them is their desperation to get freedom from those extra pounds through much cheaper lap band surgery in Indian metros. They do not want to be anorexic but are desperate nevertheless to rid themselves of their obesity and lead a better life. Obese people across the world are flooding the email box of noted obesity surgeons in India, due to a long queue for lap band surgery abroad and because it is far economical here. Every year innumerable number of foreign visitors from different parts of the world visits India for its historical escapade. India is not only cheaper in respect of medical treatment packages but the waiting time is almost zero. This is due to the explosion of the private sector, which comprises of hospitals and clinics with the up-to-the-minute technology and best practitioners. For more details on lap band surgery in India please visit and

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