Pregnancy and Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery

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One of the first inquiries numerous of female patients in their twenties and thirties inquire when considering gastric bypass or lap band surgery and how the methods will affect or sway their proficiency to get pregnant. The good news is that in supplement to advancing ones general wellbeing, both methods can have a affirmative effect on fertility. While they can’t overwhelm weighty fertility matters, study displays both gastric bypass and lap band surgery can advance numerous components associated to infertility for those who are obese.

Overweight causes an enhance in the stage of two key hormones related to fertility – estrogen a female sex hormone and testosterone a male sex hormone. While an increase in these two hormones outcome in excess body hair, uterine cancer and risk in breast furthermore exactly associated to infertility, causing irregular or hefty periods. Weight loss after lap band surgery or gastric bypass results in normalization of estrogen and testosterone, and a come back to usual menstrual cycle and improved fertility.

Your BMI is greater than 35 and planning to get Lap Band surgery or gastric bypass, few questions come in your mind like, is pregnancy safe after the surgery? Will I be able to take in enough nutrients for both me and the baby as well? Various studies show that pregnancy is safe after bariatric surgery provided you to follow couple of key guiding principle. To start, for your safety and the safety of the baby it’s very mandatory to avoid becoming pregnant for one year after gastric bypass surgery as this is the time where one’s weight loss will be most significant.

Guiding Principle to Follow for a Safe Pregnancy:

  • Avoid pregnancy for one year after weight loss surgery
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid prescription drugs or over the counter (OTC) drugs, including aspirin, unless told to do so by your doctor
  • Avoid fish
  • Avoid eat junk food
  • Make regular appointments with your bariatric surgeon and Obstetrician
  • Take multivitamins (Vitamin A, B1, B12, Iron, Folic Acid)
  • Obtain regular blood test to check for vitamin deficiency
  • Eat high-protein, low-carbohydrates and low fat diet
  • Continue regular exercise for both body and mind
  • Eat multiple small meals a day and spend 20 minutes to eat each meal
  • Drink plenty of water (40 – 50 ounces per day)

For women who have undergone gastric bypass or lap band procedure pregnancy can be safe for them and even better for the baby with regular report on your obstetrician and bariatric surgeon. Hope this information helps you a lot.

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