Weight loss through price effective Roux-ny-gastric bypass surgery in India

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Weight loss of 65-80% has been reported concerning those patients who undertook Roux-ny-gastric bypass surgery. India is the most preferred treatment destination for getting fair cost Roux-ny-gastric bypass surgery. Now every one is placing faith in the quality of Indian medical treatment and surgical expertise of obesity surgery experts working at high tech private healthcare hospitals of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. Being severely overweight is not just a matter of looks. Obesity is one of the most serious health threat facing the public today, primarily because it increases the risks and complications of many serious conditions. Cancer, heart disease and diabetes, for example, are all negatively impacted by excessive weight. Obesity and morbid obesity can also damage your financial health, by leading to more frequent visits to physicians. No waiting list will trouble you when you take an appointment from Indian doctors plus taking the help of medical tourism services in India for your Roux-ny-gastric bypass surgery would really help you to find the right doctor or a reputed surgery hospital along with assistance in medical visa, medical stay and post surgery care.

Each year many obesity patients come to India for getting weight loss surgery procedures and Roux-ny-gastric bypass surgery is the most common among them. The procedure of Roux-ny-gastric bypass surgery is the most commonly employed gastric bypass technique for losing excess body weight, and is by far the most commonly performed bariatric surgery procedure that is recommended by medical experts all over the world. small bowel is divided about 45 cm (18 in) below the lower stomach outlet, and is re-arranged into a Y-configuration, to enable outflow of food from the small upper stomach pouch, via a “Roux limb” The stomach is divided into a large portion, and a much smaller portion. The small part of the stomach is then sewn or stapled together to make a small pouch (this part is sometimes called “stomach stapling”). The small stomach pouch can only hold a cup or so of food. With such a small stomach, people feel full quickly and eat less thus shedding out their excess body weight. This strategy is also called “restrictive weight loss therapy” since the new stomach size restricts food intake.

Health tourism in India has really helped patients and medical tourists from destinations like the USA, Europe, South East Asia and South Africa to save time and get price savings up to 42 % which is realistic. As concerning the procedure of Roux-ny-gastric bypass surgery in India it usually involves a 4- to 6-day hospital stay depending upon the extend of patient’s obesity. Most people can return to their normal activities within 3 to 5 weeks. India is a great place for spending holiday vacations and famous tourist destinations like Goa, Kanyakumari and Kashmir invite all foreign medical tourists to do so, providing them the most appealing hospitality. When tourism is combined with cost effective medical treatment it provides joy and a new life to the individual who comes to India for getting health recovery. You can get a proper consultation for Roux-ny-gastric bypass surgery in India at http://www.forerunnershealthcare.com or mail at enquiry@forerunnershealthcare.com




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