Weight Loss Surgeries Are Not The Secret To Fat Loss

August 15, 2009 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery · Comment 

Lately, weight loss surgeries are all the talk on the street. These surgeries somehow evoke the mindset of the quickest and easiest way to never having to diet again…but is this true? There are serious things to consider when looking into getting weight loss surgery. The types of procedures that are performed are varied, and the effects they have are also very different.

Before anyone considers a weight loss surgery, they should be aware of the risks and the potential side effects that could entail. Always be sure to thoroughly discuss the options and side effects with your physician. The majority of individuals that seek these surgeries have minor to major complications and the risks involved are very real.

The three basic areas of weight loss surgeries are:

1. Malabsorptive Procedures – these surgeries reduce the area of the stomach that is used to absorb and digest the nutrients. This procedure makes the stomach smaller and the small intestine is reconnected to the smaller stomach. This usually results in a lesser ability to properly breakdown and digest your food.

2. Restrictive Procedures – also called bariatric surgeries, these procedures consist of making the stomach smaller by using elastic bands (lap bands) or staples. They too can interfere with the proper digestion of your food and result in minor cases of malnutrition.

3. Mixed Procedures – these are associated with Gastric bypass surgery that staples the stomach and then the small intestine is attached to the smaller sized stomach.These procedures have the most success of all because the stomach is able to maintain the full functions of the digestive tract.

Now, while these surgical methods may seem a bit tempting to the struggling dieter, it must be mentioned that there is no quick solution to weight loss. While it may be possible to lose weight fast on a great diet, surgical procedures require a lot of preparation and recovery.

What most physicians wont tell you is that all of the surgical procedures above have one major fault…they will all lower your metabolic rate! Think of that, do you think that making your metabolism slower will give you weight loss in the long run?

While this fact is never mentioned when people go for consultations prior to the surgery, it is nonetheless true. Therefore, the best choice for the dieter is to use an ultra effective weight loss program that uses a sound nutritional approach coupled with ample physical activity.

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