Bad News on our Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

December 28, 2006 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery · 6 Comments 

Well with keeping with the theme of actually coming out from behind the shadows, I’m making another post as me. By the way my name is Bruce. My wife is Jackie and she is the one who is considering having weight loss surgery.

Well we are self pay and thought we had all this worked out, but fate had other plans. We decided since we are self pay that we would set up the cafeteria plans at work to take out enough money to pay for the surgery. Jackie works for a hospital and because of that she gets a little discount form what most people who are self pay have to come out of their pocket with. She was told a few months back that the cost would be around $7200 and that was the decision we made on how much money to put into the cafeteria plan. Well turns out Read more