Weight Loss Surgery in Maine

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Maine is facing a public health crisis: the crisis of obesity. Across our state the number of overweight and obese individuals is rapidly increasing. In the Pine Tree State alone some 61% of adults are overweight or obese — and the cost to our taxpayers for dealing with obesity-related illnesses adds up to a staggering $1 billion per year, about 11% of our state’s health budget.

But what is obesity, exactly?

Obesity is a disease characterized by excess body weight. It is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States. It is often accompanied by other life-threatening illnesses called co-morbidities, including Type II diabetes, cancer, heart conditions, and hypertension. The number of Americans with obesity is climbing every year at an alarming rate.—and Maine is no exception.

Obesity is real. It’s not going to “just go away”. We must meet the challenge of obesity head on, or suffer its consequences.

Our Struggle

Losing excess weight can be a struggle. Many people try trendy diets, infomercial exercise gizmos, or pills and powders that supposedly promote weight loss.  Although some people do lose weight in this fashion, many quickly regain it. Many more do serious damage to their health in the process.

The only way to lose excess weight is to reduce the body’s caloric intake below its daily caloric needs. When this happens, the body taps into its handy fat supply to draw upon stored energy and keep going. But losing weight is only part of the battle.

Obesity is a disease. To effectively treat this disease, weight loss must come from a total realignment of the patient’s relationship to food. For many, willpower is enough. For others, a medically-supervised program of diet and exercise is the solution. For some, however, even these are not sufficient.

After years of trying diet and exercise programs, many people who struggle with obesity have turned to weight loss surgery, which treats obesity by making physical changes to the stomach that restrict the amount of food a person can eat– Bariatric surgery has been proven to not only promote rapid weight loss, but also minimize, and in many cases resolve, obesity-related health problems for severely or morbidly obese individuals, as well as stave off future weight-related health problems.

Considering Surgical Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery can be a true lifesaver, if the patient is willing to adopt comprehensive changes in diet and lifestyle along with the surgery as part of a total health-improvement plan. Patients who don’t follow their surgeon’s guidelines for post-operative care and support over the long-term, or who refuse to alter their unhealthy lifestyles, will almost inevitably regain the weight they lost.

It’s important to remember also that all forms of surgery involve risk. No such thing as “routine” surgery exists. Everyone considering this form of treatment should discuss the risks involved as well as the possible outcomes of these procedures prior to making their decision.

Weight loss surgery in Maine is a growing trend, since more than 61% of the state population is overweight or obese. Visit online website for Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery .