Weight Loss Surgery in Michigan

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Obesity is a major health crisis in Michigan. Defined as being significantly above one’s healthy weight, obesity has risen markedly in the Great Lakes State over the past decade, and today more than 62% of the population is overweight or obese.

Obesity is a serious threat to individual health. Researchers say that a high body mass index (BMI) constitutes a greater threat to a person’s overall health than tobacco use or alcohol abuse. Being obese also often leads to other medical conditions, such as arthritis and spinal problems, as well as life-threatening illnesses, called co-morbidities, like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Obesity is a public health threat, as well. In fact, it is the second leading cause of preventable death in America.

And, obesity comes at a financial cost. According to a recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control, the cost of obesity to the people of Michigan is substantial:  around four billion dollars every year in obesity-related public expenditures.

Obviously, Michigan can’t go on getting fatter. We live in the Mitten – so let’s work together to gain “the upper hand” on this disease.

What Is To Be Done?

Obesity is calculated in terms of individual body mass index, which is calculated using a formula relating to an adult’s height and weight Those with a BMI of at least 25 are considered overweight; those with a BMI of 30 or above are categorized as obese.

The citizens of Michigan face their weight problem in a variety of ways. Many of those suffering from obesity simply ignore their condition – until disaster strikes, like a heart attack or stroke. Others try to lose weight by using wacky diets, boot-camp-style exercise programs, or phony weight-loss pills. For a few, these methods work, but most people lose little or no weight, or they eventually gain back any weight they did lose. What’s more, those who try such miracle cures usually end up doing additional damage to their health, as well.

The secret to beating obesity is to look past weight alone and recognize the whole disease. Yes, weight itself is caused by overeating – but why do people overeat? It’s not natural, after all. Is a lack of character responsible? Are some people just gluttons?

Maybe a few here and there – but the vast majority of the obese are not.

Obesity is not a character defect
. It is a medical condition – a disordered relationship between the person, the food they eat, and the lifestyle they lead. As a medical condition, obesity is best treated medically. One method of treatment is for the patient to follow a doctor-supervised diet and lifestyle alteration program that includes a reduction in their daily caloric intake and regular physical activity. For most obese people, this is the preferred solution.

But for some, bariatric surgery – also known as weight loss surgery – is the best form of medical treatment. While not a panacea, surgical weight loss has been proven to be an effective solution for those whose lives are jeopardized by this disease. Surgical treatment can help ease (and in some cases completely resolve) obesity-related health problems and co-morbidities. It can also help lessen the patient’s chances of developing weight-related health problems in the future.

Considering Surgical Weight Loss

It is important to realize that surgery is not a quick fix to cure obesity. The disease of obesity cannot be cured by surgery alone. Post-operative patients who fail to adopt the necessary lifestyle changes and who disregard their doctor’s instructions generally regain any weight they initially lost—sometimes even years after their procedure. In addition, the decision to have weight loss surgery is one best not made lightly. Anyone considering surgery as an option for the management of obesity should do so only in consultation with his or her physician.

The Fight is On

We can beat obesity, Michigan – but it won’t be easy. It will take all of us helping each other to stay active and eat right – not as a temporary measure, but as a way of life. Let’s be about it.

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