Arlington Lap-band Specialist Provides Weight Loss Surgery Solutions for North Texas Patients

June 13, 2009 · Filed Under vertical sleeve surgery 

Lap-Band candidates who live near Arlington, Texas, don’t have to travel to Dallas to find a skilled bariatric surgeon in their area. Based at the Medical Center of Arlington, Dr. Jason Harrison specializes in weight loss surgery, including the Lap-Band and gastric sleeve procedures.

Dr. Harrison is best known as the Arlington Lap-Band specialist. The Lap-band procedure, also known as gastric banding, is a safe and effective weight loss surgery treatment option that generally poses fewer risks of complications compared to gastric bypass surgery and the vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG) procedure. Dr. Harrison is a board-certified surgeon with several years of experience in bariatric surgery and performs Lap-Band surgery for Arlington area patients.

Weight loss surgery procedures, such as Lap-Band surgery, are suitable for patients who suffer from severe or morbid obesity. Obesity occurs when body fat accumulates quicker than a person’s metabolism can process. This results in too much being stored fat inside of the body. Because of excess fat, the person may not live a healthy or full life. Obesity can lead to other serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, Type II Diabetes, arthritis, and sleep apnea.

Individuals who are obese and considering weight loss surgery should first try to reduce their weight through exercise and a controlled diet. Many insurance carriers will require weight loss surgery candidates to follow a doctor-prescribed diet and exercise plan prior to being approved for Lap-Band surgery. However, when these programs fail to reduce a person’s weight, weight loss surgery may be the best solution for overcoming obesity.

The Lap-Band procedure is done laparoscopically and involves fastening a special silicone band around the upper part of a patient’s stomach. The band is filled with saline solution to create a tight fit and must be refilled every few months. Dr. Harrison performs Lap-Band surgery in Arlington for patients from the surrounding area and throughout north Texas.  

Dr. Harrison has regular informational sessions at his Arlington, Texas, office for people considering weight loss surgery. The seminar provides prospective patients with an opportunity to learn the benefits and possible risks associated with the Lap-Band and gastric sleeve procedures, so they can decide whether to undergo weight loss surgery. Individuals who live outside the Arlington area or who are unable to attend an informational meeting can learn more about the services offered by Dr. Harrison and the process of qualifying for weight loss surgery by visiting  

Patients who choose to pursue weight loss surgery after attending a seminar or visiting the website for Harrison Bariatrics can schedule an appointment for a consultation and examination by Dr. Jason Harrison. The examination will determine a patient’s level of obesity, their general health, and the possibility of any complications from weight loss surgery. A member of Dr. Harrison’s staff will also provide information about the cost of surgery and assist in getting insurance approval.  

Dr. Jason Harrison performs all weight loss surgery procedures for his practice. Lap-Band patients will be required to visit his Arlington, Texas, office every two to three months for a Lap-Band adjustment. Harrison Bariatrics also offers regular support group meetings for post-operative patients, to ehlp ensure their long-term success.

Arlington Lap-Band specialist Dr. Jason Harrison is a board-certified general surgeon with more than a decade of experience performing weight loss surgery .

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