Sleeve Gastrectomy: Pre Operative Checklist

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The most important consideration for sleeve gastrectomy is knowing about your surgeon.One should always meet with the surgeon prior to the surgery and discuss potential issues. One should have absolute faith in one’s doctor. The quality of aftercare program should be accessed prior to the surgery as a short stay and regular check up is required after the surgery.



The education of the patient is very important. There are a number of educational seminars conducted free of cost where one can get information required for sleeve gasectromy.Some institutions offer video based education in their offices. One may also collect printed procedure related information including what to expect and how to deal with it. Some hospitals offer direct interaction with the staff and surgeon where they impart education on various subject related to the operation. They answer the questions of the patients clearly and explain the exact details of the procedure, the extent of recovery period and the reality of the follow-up care that will be required.



After becoming thorough with information about all aspects of the surgery, comes the physical and psychological evaluation. Each patient is required to have a physical with their primary care physician within six months prior to surgery. This is done to determine that the patient does not have any underlying medical conditions that would prohibit them from having surgery. Many surgeons require these letters or copy of these reports to be sent to their office even before scheduling the appointment. Some surgeons perform Endoscopy is performed on the patients if there is a doubt about stone formation.



A pre operative psychological evaluation is an essential part of preparing for Sleeve Gastrectomy. The comprehensive psychological evaluation consists of a detailed clinical interview and objectively scored psychological tests. Many insurance companies require an evaluation for benefits and our surgeons require an evaluation for all patients. Some hospitals offer education and counseling for family also available but it is optional.


Patients who have high intake of caffeine are suggested to gradually decrease the amount of caffeine they consume. Patients who stop caffeine suddenly at the time of surgery may experience withdrawal symptoms such as intense headaches. Remember that there is a significant about of caffeine in coffee, tea and many soft drinks.

If one consumes carbonated drinks regularly, he should stop this habit before the surgery. When cold compressed gas hits our stomach which is a 99.5 closed system it expands and in turn expands the stomach too. It can be very problematic after the surgery. So it is wise to put a full stop to this habit. It is also advisable to reduce the amount of intake of refined carbohydrates one consumes. This group includes food such as white rice, pasta and cookies.

One more pre operative condition is to get into a habit of exercising. After surgery regular exercise etc are prescribed by the surgeon. So it is wise to start some aerobic activity such as walking or swimming for 20 minutes, four times a week. This should be done after the approval of your physician.

Stop smoking. This is another condition before sleeve Gastrectomy. Cigarettes interfere with the lung’s ability to exchange oxygen and nicotine can impair circulation, which can impede healing after surgery and increase the chance of infection.

There are some pre operative tests to be performed. A convenient day is decided beforehand by the patient and the surgeon. The patient gets to meet with the anesthesiologist before the surgery. Hospital tour can be done if the patient is interested.

Some hospitals provide the facility of support groups for the pre operative patients. There are structured monthly meeting at offices and hospitals where the patients get to meet some post operative patients.


Lastly, one should check with their Insurance companies if Sleeve Gastrectomy is included in their list. The benefit department should be consulted  and asked if one has benefit for bariatric surgery.


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