Jackie’s Weight Loss Story

February 22, 2007 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery 

Well, I thought I would put up a section for Weight Loss Stories. Today marks Jackie’s one week since here weight loss surgery( its actually a week and one day, but the first day does not really count since she just had surgery and was mostly sedated). Here is here weight loss story so far. Todate she is doing great. She has been able to get up and move around. We even went to the gym one night and she walked on the tread mill for a few minutes. She was sore the first few days, but now she says it just a little uncomfortable at times. The swelling is going down and her scars are healing nicely. She has not expierenced any nausa or other symtoms some people report feeling and she has lost 9 pounds already. Not bad for the first week. I’m short on time at the moment, but will report more on her weight loss story later on

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