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December 29, 2006 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery 

If you are considering having weight loss surgery then you will probably want to get a hold of all the reference information you can find, which is probably how you found this site. Weight Loss Surgery is a very serious surgery and you need as much information as possible to make the correct decision on whether or not to have weight loss surgery or what kind of weight loss surgery to have. Whether you choice of surgery is the vertical sleeve surgery or RNY surgery . Each type of surgery involves different procedures and produce different weight loss results.

One good book on this subject is Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies book. This book while part of the dummies series is far from un-educational. The book covers a lot of information that you will need for making decisions on weight loss surgery More... to educating you on the different types and what to expect before your surgery and after you go home from your weight loss surgery operation.

Education is one of the keys to a successful  Weight Loss Surgery program and this book will help to supplement the information your weight loss surgeon will provide. The book goes over diets and what kind of food you can eat post weight loss surgery. It also give many pointers on how to get your body in shape for your weight loss surgery. Raising your metabolism prior to your weight loss surgery date will be very beneficial and help to reduce complications post surgery.

One thing that the “Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies book does have is recipes you can use as a start for your weight  loss surgery cook book. After surgery you will no longer be able to eat the same things you may have eaten before especially while your surgery wounds are healing . This becomes even more difficult as many time there are other family members in home who also need to eat. The recipes in this book will provide a start for you to create your own weight loss surgery cook book and provide ideas for recipes that the whole family will enjoy. Now these recipes are better for you than the normal same recipes that are not designed for weight loss surgery patients, but after all it will not hurt the rest of your family to eat better anyway. Weight Loss surgery changes a lot of things with your body and its important that you eat the right foods post surgery to reduce the chances of malabsorption because of vitamin deficiencies

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