Weight Loss Surgery – Does Weight Loss Surgery Risks Worth It

June 14, 2009 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery 

Are you someone so desperate to lose weight that it has got to the point where you’re contemplating weight loss surgery? You need to think carefully about your goals and whether weight loss surgery is the method you wish to choose. Around the world the attention is on weight loss surgery as an effective long term method of weight loss owing to the large amount of time studying weight problems and techniques that have become available.

Two particularly effective areas where weight loss surgery is almost universally accepted is for individuals with a slow metabolic rate which causes weight problems and those who are seriously obese. Diagnosis and treatment of obesity has moved forward at a rapid rate and people thinking about having weight loss surgery should no longer be concerned about it.

One of the most common reasons why people would like to lose weight is to enhance their physical attributes. For seriously overweight people this should really be a secondary reason even though the desire to look good is not a bad one but weight loss surgery is considered a major procedure.

What people do not know is that weight loss surgery is especially generated to help obese people live longer, healthier, and better. One of the best ways to assess whether this is the right type of procedure is to speak to others and ask how it changed their lives.

Having the weight loss surgery is just the beginning of it all, and without long term goals that your psychiatrist can help you with, it will have all been a waste. As time goes on, the success rate of this procedure increases and now a person that loses 50 percent of their excess body weight and keeps it off for 5 years is considered a success.

While this is good news it is still dependant on a number of factors regarding the patient and the skills of the surgeon who will undoubtedly be a skilled bariatric physician. Within the first six months after the weight loss surgery, the average patient should have lost from almost a third to half of their excess body mass and up to three quarters or more is possible during the first year.

The success speaks volumes with patient’s maintaining a weight loss of up to 60 percent for 14 years quite normal. Still, this is still a course of action that has many factors to consider before the surgery actually goes ahead.

As with any major operation, many things will determine the outcome including the patient’s weight, general health, age, the procedure itself and very importantly their will power. Ultimately, it is a combination of factors that will decide how easy or hard it is for the person to lose weight but it does require a change in lifestyle.

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