Why People Use Phentermine For Weight Loss

August 10, 2009 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery 

Obesity is a major contributor to the development of a number of serious illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes. A balanced diet and regular exercise remain to be the most important and the safest ways to lose weight and keep it off. However, a lot of people find it quite difficult to sustain these, and thus, their attempts at weight loss become unsuccessful. Also, some people who are morbidly obese require other additional therapy to help them lose the unwanted weight. This is where other treatment options, specifically diet pills and weight loss surgery, come in.

The more radical treatment option between the two is surgery. There are several types of surgeries to help you lose weight, the two most common being liposuction and bariatric surgery. Liposuction is less invasive, and involves taking fat cells out of the body. It targets specific areas, such as the thighs and the abdomen. The downside to liposuction is that the fat usually returns in a few months; thus, many people require re-operations. Another form of surgery is bariatric surgery, which involves decreasing the size of the stomach so that less food is digested and absorbed. Bariatric surgery produces more drastic results, with patients losing up to 70% of the extra weight. However, it is also more invasive, and can have more serious risks and complications. Both kinds of surgery are costly. In 2002, the average cost for bariatric surgery is approximately $19,500.

Because of the high cost and the major risks associated with surgery, many people are turning to a cheaper and safer, albeit less effective, treatment option: weight loss pills. There are only approximately 10 drugs that have been approved by the FDA for weight loss, majority of which are appetite suppressants like phentermine. Using diet pills, such as phentermine, have been shown to produce lasting weight loss of approximately 10 pounds over a span of one year. Although it may require a longer time for an individual to lose weight with phentermine pills than with surgery, the pills are associated with fewer risks and low toxicities. Also, drug therapy for weight loss is much cheaper than surgery. On the average, patients spend approximately $300 for weight loss pills every year. Phentermine users spend even less than that, with costs of approximately $150 a year only!

Combined therapy, which includes a low-calorie diet, increase in physical activity, behavioral therapy and intake of weight loss medications, has been reported to be more effective than any of the said modalities used alone. Specifically, the use of phentermine diet pills help the individual adhere to a controlled diet program. Thus, phentermine weight loss pills help you lose weight while you try to form healthier eating and exercise habits.

Weight loss pills and surgery help combat obesity much more effectively. Between the two, weight loss pills work slowly, but are associated with fewer risks and much smaller costs. This is why a lot of people use phentermine weight loss pills. Try it and see for yourself

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