Why write about weight loss surgery

December 27, 2006 · Filed Under Weight Loss Surgery 

Originally, I intended to keep this site at an anonymous level and not really talk about this stuff on a personal level. Well I changed my mind and figured since it seems to be generating some subscribers and people actually read this stuff my wife and I have written here. Here is the deal, I’m actually the Director of Information Technology for a company and I would have never thought I would be working to create a site on Weight Loss surgery. I’ve been toying on the web for years and I’ve created quite a few sites on technology, but never one on any subject such as this. I have a couple of reasons for creating this site.

One, A couple of months ago my wife announced she intended to go through the process of Weight loss surgery, specifically the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery procedure. I’ll admit at first I was not keen on the entire idea. I know my wife is a little overweight a BMI of 44, I think. She has had a constant battle with controlling her weight for years. I never really worried about it. Even though she was not as thin as she was when we first married over twenty years ago( neither am I), I do not really care about that. I married the women for her mind and not her body.

Well after she explained some of the health implications the she is subject to because she is a little obese then I started to understand better. Eventually I got to the  point where I totally support this surgery. I do still worry about complications to do with the weight loss surgery and that is not something I am going to get over anytime soon. At least she has chosen to go with Vertical Sleeve, which is one of the less risky surgeries. It also does not cause as much as a rapid weight loss as some of the others like RNY. A Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery procedure should allow the patients to achieve a loss of 50-55% of their ideal body weight. I’m a technician so I need everything detailed out I first decided to write down my research on the subject of Weight Loss Surgery and then that would help me to educate myself on this subject. I can memorize a computer language in a couple of days, but  I have a little more trouble with topics such as weight loss surgery or any medical type terms.

The second reason I decide to start this site is because like a lot of people who elect to have weight loss surgery our insurance company will not pay for the procedure. This means we will be paying out of our own pocket for the surgery and everything else that comes with it. I figured since we are having to pay and since I was writing stuff down any way I might as well put up a site to try and earn a little revenue in the process.

Right now I have two sites on this subject, this one and VSG Surgery. The content is still little sparse, but I hope to work on that as time goes on, I will also continue to post informative articles on these site, but I also intend to change my focus a little and put a personal touch to the site. More to come.

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