Weight Loss – Rosedale Diet

March 7, 2007 · Filed Under Weight Loss · Comment 

Before having weight loss surgery many weight loss surgeons as you to loose a few pounds. This makes it easier for the weight loss surgeon to see better when performing laprascopic surgery. One way that has proven effective for people to loose these few pounds is with the RoseDale diet.

What? You’ve never heard of the Rosedale diet? Well, if you are into medical research, you certainly will have heard of Dr Ron Rosedale, one of the foremost researchers into leptin, the hunger hormone. Research shows that if your diet controls leptin, it will also control insulin, the fat storage hormone. And so Dr Rosedale developed the Rosedale diet, based on the latest medical research, to become the ultimate health, weight loss and anti-ageing diet.

But be warned: if you’re used to eating junk foods, or sweet or starchy foods, the Rosedale diet will be a radical shock! You’ll mostly be eating large amounts of low-starch vegetables, with small amounts of protein, possibly including some low-fat dairy foods. The Rosedale diet is low in saturated fat, but liberal in the good, plant based oils such as olives, nuts, and avocados. Read more