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Since you have found this site chances are you have either had weight loss surgery or you are considering the surgery to help you lose those unwanted pounds. This is a great goal and you should move forward as it will help to lengthen your life and improve the quality. I know its helped my wife she is down 50 pounds after VSG in Febuary. I’m getting tired from trying to keep up with her.

But weight is not the only thing that affects the way you feel about your self. As you lose weight are start to lose weight you may have feelings you have not experineced for a long time. This can sometimes casue friction between you and your loved ones. I’m one of the lucky ones that has not had this experience. My marriage has actaully gotten stronger as a result of the surgery, but this is not true for everyone. Knowing this and reading a eBook lately that I thought was jsut great, I thought I would give the link in case any of our readers want to see how to improve social success. I just finished reading this book and I’m blown away at the insight provided. Its a great read for anyone, but expescially if you are experiencing some life altering changes such as Weight Loss surgery will bring into your life. Check it out here.

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21 Sure Fire Ways to Lose Weight

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As long as you keep thinking about losing weight without doing much about it, you may reach a stage when you remain reconciled to the idea that you and your fat are inseparable. That will leave you with a negative attitude.

You have here 21 sure fire ways to turn your attitude around and lose weight.

#1. Start somewhere; what is important is start doing something about losing weight, here and now. More...

#2. Treat your approach to weight loss, not as something temporary, not which lasts for a month or two, but as a way of life

#3. Set an achievable initial goal. Remember, to move a mountain, you have to move a small boulder first. Little by little, you can shed considerable weight.

#4. Eat when you have to, but for health, not for passing time. Remember idle time is not eating time. Get rid of your unhealthy habit of munching something or the other all the time. Keep snacks out of reach when watching TV.

#5. Challenge yourself that you can lose weight. Keep reminding yourself that you have to lose weight and entertain a positive feeling about it.

#6. Do not be disheartened if you do not lose as much weight as some others following the same plan. Unfavorable comparisons might ultimately make you stop the whole program altogether. Be happy about whatever little weight you have lost so far.

#7. Remember you have an urge for food in times of emotional disturbance, frustration, boredom and so on. Food at such times is not a physical need. Avoid it then.

#8. Exercise when under stress or tension, rather than eat. A brief spell of vigorous physical work out is a healthier route to releasing stress or tension.

#9. Enjoy eating. Eat slowly, relishing every morsel. As long as you eat healthy food, and enjoy it, you will feel good about your weight loss program.

#10. Have a good breakfast. Never skip it. Have another four or five small meals during the day, in place of only lunch and dinner as big events.

#11. Avoid buying fat-rich foods. Go in for low fat and fat-free items.

#12. Fill your plate with only as much as you should eat.

#13. Avoid nibbling small amounts of food while cooking or setting table. These little excesses add up, upsetting your weight goal.

#14. Leftovers and scraps from the dining table are better thrown away or given to your pet dog than eating them.  You could also set them aside in pre-portioned containers for lunch or dinner the following day.  But try not to cook more than you need in the first place.

#15. Even when you have to eat out, stay within your set limits regarding food. As a guest, never succumb to your host’s pressure to eat more than you should.

#16. Reduce your salt intake to the recommended minimum. Salt retains water in the body and increases body weight.

#17. Avoid alcohol, as it contributes to fat accumulation.

#18. Reduce your meat intake. Include fresh vegetables and fiber-rich items in your food.

#19. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water.

#20. Follow a regimen of regular daily physical exercise. The minimum is a thirty-minute work out, five times a week.

#21. Be physically active throughout the day. Nothing burns your fat better on a long-term basis.

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Healthy Snack Options

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Weight Loss Surgery requires you to think aobut the way you eat and to ensure that you get the needed nutrients into your body. Depending upon the type of surgery you have you will have to montior the type of food you put into your body. Snacks are one proably one of the things that cause a lot of obesity. Not only should you thing aobut healthy snacks if you have had weigth loss surgery this is also a good practice for everyone. Teaching your children to eat healthy can help them to lead a healthy life and not become morbidly obese themselves. It is important to start healthy practices at a young age. There are many alternatives to snacks such as cookies, crackers, or chips. 


Pre-Cut and Pre-Washed Fruits and Vegetables: Many supermarkets offer vegetables and fruits which have already been washed and cut up, and which are typically suspended in water to keep them fresh. Not only are these fruits and vegetables a healthy snack option, they are quick, easy and portable which makes them a great option for on-the-run snacking as well. Many fresh fruits are portable on their own, so if you decide not to opt for the pre-cut and washed stuff, grab a couple of bananas, apples or oranges, which are quick and delicious snacks which are jam packed with health benefits.


Cups: Many healthy snacks come in portable little cups, which you can take anywhere, or stock up in your home refrigerator. Yogurt cups come in many different sizes, and you can opt for low or non fat options for an even healthier snack, without losing any of the sweet flavors. If you do not have enough time for a yogurt cup, consider a yogurt smoothie which is available in many different brands and flavors, and makes having some yogurt a deliciously drinkable experience. Fruit is often available in pre-packaged cups as well, and though these typically have slightly higher sugar content than the fresh stuff, the portability of these little fruit cups more than makes up for it.


Cheese: Many companies now offer a variety of different cheeses for snacking, which typically means that they are pre-packaged to be smaller and more portable, or that the pieces are diced up for easy eating. Opt for low fat string cheese or slices for a quick but filling snack and a really nice calcium boost.


Fruit Drinks: There are a lot of fruit drink options out there, but not all are on equal footing when it comes to health benefits. Pass up the Gatorade for a Naked, or Odwalla, which are packed with fresh fruits and vegetables with extra nutrients added. For a boost in antioxidants, try POM Green Tea. Typically fruit drinks like your average bottled juice brand are actually fairly loaded with sugar, so go for the vitamin-packed power drinks instead. Most Naked and Odwalla juice drinks come with a serious boost of nutrients and minerals which may be just what you need after a long day, or for an early morning kick. Drinks like Gatorade and PowerAde are still popular and easily portable, but their sugar content tends to dehydrate rather than hydrate, something that you will not experience with a more natural fruit and vegetable juice.

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