What is this Def Jam Diet

May 13, 2008 · Filed Under diet · Comment 

Everyone seems to be talking about this Def Jam Diet on several forums around the net. I’m not exactly sure what is involved in the diet as I have not found any good information at the moment, but it is rumored to have helped some A-lister stars lose weight almost overnight. Since losing weight is definitely something I’m interested in then I must find out information about the Def Jam Diet or Master Cleanse diet as some people call it. Some of the stars you are reported to lose this weight or on Def Jam’s record label and include: Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and many more. People hear whispers of a mysterious master cleanse diet and detox solution that is codenamed the Def Jam diet.

I have still not been able to find out exactly what is included or makes up this mysterious diet program that is said to be able to provide a full and master cleanse of one’s body and internal system so you can start losing weight immensely. Its rumored that you can eat anything you want and not get fat. I’ve been involved int his long enough to not really believe that part, but I would like to look at the Def Jam Diet and see what its made of. Afterall you never know when there may be a magic bullet around somewhere. This is the legend of the Def Jam diet and it would be great if the rumors could be true. It would mean I could feast like there is no tomorrow and I would still be able still maintain a slim tight figure like Beyonce and even the fat around the chest area would stay just nice and perfect.

In fact, the Def Jam diet could prove to be world famous and the best diet program on the planet if more could be found out about it. Whether this Def Jam detox program or weight loss regime can be used to provide a master cleanse diet for everyone who eats poorly, it is still to be known and understood, but judging by the results of the bodies that Jay-Z, Beyonce and even Mariah Carey have flaunted, the Def Jam diet could be a godsend for all plus size individuals everywhere.