Blog is messed up

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Well I decided to try and upgrade this blog to the latest version of wordpress and a new template, but now everything it messed up. I want to use this theme and modifiy it, but it seems that its not compatible with the latest version of wordpress. The theme designer is supposed to release an update next weke so hopefully I’ll be able to fix it and modify the theme to look more like I wanted it to look. I may just need to go an find another theme that does not have these issues.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

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This is something I just don’t understand, why would anyone want a Wedding dress made of toilet paper, but apparently some do. A Designer Wedding Dress made entirely out of toilet paper has won a national contest consisting of five other Toilet Paper Wedding Dress in the contest in Times Square yesterday. Of course it may make sense if you need to lose a little weight as it will fit regardless of your size and will be easy to take in.

The fashionable but Modest Wedding Gown was made entirely of toilet paper. Six wedding dresses were displayed at the Times Square “odditorium” yesterday and three toilet paper wedding dresses were selected. Well I guess its a cheap way to go for a wedding dress, but I don’t think it would last very long. A toilet paper wedding dress is definitely not recommended if there is a chance of ran.

Are you planning a wedding? Are you searching for a cheap wedding gown? Did you know that it’s possible to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper? Perhaps you would like to consider the cost of new or discount wedding gowns in your local wedding dress shop. Then again designer wedding gowns, even if made out of toilet paper, would be pretty costly. But you only have that big day once in lifetime right?

Why would anyone in their right mind would buy modest wedding gowns made out of toilet paper is beyond me. So before you decide to wear a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress, think again and make sure there is not a chance of rain on your big day and definitely arrange for an inside wedding.


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