Life after Gastric Bypass

Many people who are considering weight reduction surgery always wonder what life after gastric bypass  surgery will be like. The stories are as varied as the reasons for obtaining a bariatric surgery procedure. I can only comment on one person’s life after gastric bypass surgery and she really did not have gastric bypass but rather Vertical Sleeve surgery.

The obvious difference is life after gastric bypass involves losing weight. As a result you cna do things you have not done in years. For example my wife who had he bariatric surgery two years ago came in the other day and informed me that she could now run. She decided to start running during her afternoon workout and she could run. She had not ran for quite a number of years, but now that she has lost close to 100 pounds running seems to be something she can now accomplish with ease.

We actually started this site as a testament to her journey with gastric bypass surgery and overall her life after gastric bypass has been positive. That is not always true as many people wind up divorced after gastric bypass surgery, but that has not been the case with us. We are doing fine. I think as long as everyone expects a positive experience with life after gastric bypass surgery then it will be a positive experience.

Gastric Bypass Divorce Resources

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There is a disturbing trend upon patients who have Gastric bypass or weight loss surgery and that is commonly referred to as Gastric Bypass Divorce. This seems to be a trend upon people that have this sort of surgery. The reasons as not really known, but it seems that is stems from psychological changes that occur in the person that has the gastric bypass surgery or from feeling so insecurity form the partner. Lots of times this cause friction within the relationship and can lead to divorce of the people.

This may stem from jealousy of one partner as the other becomes more attractive and they then start to feel threatened by the increased attention the person who is losing weight receives. Sometimes one partner will push the other one to receive gastric bypass surgery and then once that person starts to feel better then they get jealous. The human mind is an complicated object, so there is not a clear reason as to why a lot of people wind up divorced after one receives Gastric Bypass surgery.

This is one of the reasons you should ensure that your weight loss surgeon offers a full program including counseling for the entire family if needed. The consensus among the weight loss surgeons we have interviewed is that a bad relationship will get worse after the surgery but a good relationship will only get better. The key to avoiding Gastric bypass divorce is open communication and this should not pose a problem for your relationship.