Making it Stick – Preparing Solid Weight Loss Resolutions for 2007

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Remember last year at this time? You set your new goals. You even wrote them down. You started with the best intentions. But your best weight loss objectives were neglected before the holiday decorations were even put away. What happened? Was there a bump in the road or did you just throw in the towel because it was too hard and you talked yourself out of it?

If you want a chance to make your 2007 resolutions stick, it is time to come to terms with how resolutions get pushed aside and what you can do about it.

Top Resolution Breakers

1. Your goal is unrealistic.

Example: I will lose 25 pounds by January 30.

Flawed Method: It is impractical to think you will able to lose that much weight so quickly and then to even fathom keeping it off and still remaining healthy. It is just not realistic. Even if you did, it would all be water weight and more importantly, you are going to be losing lean muscle mass.

Realistic Objectives: Set intentions that are sensible and reachable. Understand that losing a little less than a pound per week is healthier and practical for long-term results. Give yourself a fighting chance! It’s not the time frame that matters. It’s your health and well-being that are most important. The most significant thing is that you are moving forward and progressing toward your long-term goal.

2. You do not give yourself a chance to hit a bump in the road and you have no support system to get back on track.

Example: I will not eat sugary foods. No ifs, ands or buts.

Flawed Method: Great idea, but who can live like that? The most unrealistic frame of mind is thinking that you are “super human”. All it does is set you up for failure. If you were to have a slip, you would go into the all too familiar negative self-talk of telling yourself that you are a complete failure and that you are just not worth it.

Realistic Objectives: Set a “safety date” on your calendar for creating a plan of action with a “safety friend”, life coach or buddy who understands your challenges. In those cases where there might be weakness and/or emotions that cause you to go to food for solace, it is always comforting to know you have a safe place to fall and strategize to get back on target.

You might also think about creating a Plan B for yourself (e.g. take a walk until the temptation fades away). This way you can get back on track immediately. Just remember, most people who are successful at losing weight take it one step at a time. They begin by choosing moderation rather than abstinence and they always have back-up strategies.

3. You have too many resolutions or goals.

Example: By the end of January, I will lose 15 pounds, give up eating sweets, start going to the gym, (and the list goes on…)

Flawed Method:Too many goals at once stretch every priority too thin. Having too many goals is as bad as having no goals at all. Treating everything as important makes nothing important.

Realistic Objectives: Only a limited number of goals can be pursued at the same time. Pick your priorities. Write out an action plan that you can refer to. Take on one thing at a time, and remember that this is a New Year’s resolution, so you have 12 months to develop this new healthier lifestyle.

Chart out each goal, and then commit to starting each new endeavor month to month. For instance, you might plan to join a gym in January; in February you want to join a weight loss support group, etc. Set a start and check-up date for each goal so that you can track your progress.

The key is to commit to writing down your objectives and then either holding yourself accountable or asking for assistance in the process (life coach, buddy, etc.).

4. The resolution has no specific outcome.

Example: I will join the gym sometime this year.

Flawed Method: So you are intending on exercising at a gym. But is this today, tomorrow, or in December of 2007, when your actual goal is to lose the weight as soon as possible?

Realistic Objectives: How many pounds do you want to lose? How much is it going to cost you monthly for a gym membership? Is there still money left over for leisure activities and unexpected expenses (health issues, car problems, etc.)? A winning action plan outlines what to do, when to do it and how to assess it. For example, you can weigh yourself weekly, reviewing if you are on target or if your current nutritional and exercise plans are working toward your resolution. It then gives you a chance to make changes accordingly.

5. Someone else made your resolutions for you.

Example: I will reduce my waist size four inches by April (subtext: because my significant other wants me to wear the style of clothing that I wore when we first met.)

Flawed Method: If someone else has their own intentions for you, there will not be a need for self-empowerment. You will wind up becoming resentful and irritated at the resolution itself, if not at that someone who set you up in this self-deprecating situation.

Realistic Objectives: A New Year’s Resolution must be an empowering place because it is something you personally have thought about, planned and pursued in your own time and space. The outcome of the resolution itself must have a deep and important meaning to you. It must be valid enough for you to set your mind toward doing it. If you have a case where you would like to meet both partner’s needs, it is critical not to push one partner into an uninvited activity that gratifies the other.

New Year’s Resolutions can become a “jumping off place” for many, by altering areas in their life that require self-improvement. However, it can also be a time of struggle, depression and internal conflict. You can protect yourself and increase your chances for success by considering the above steps in advance of preparing your personal resolutions.

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Natural Weight Loss Diet

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The best way to lose weight without using pills and exercises is now possible. You just have to concentrate on your diet that will gradually decrease weight and fat of your body to make you fit and perfect. You might have gone through several weight loss programs but this is simple and most influencing method of weight loss. If you can control on your diet you can control on your weight and bring your body in good shape. This natural weight loss method does not cost you much and you can even try this in your home without anyone’s help.

In this natural weight loss diet, you need to consider your regular diet. For example, If you are doing an accountant job where most of the time, you have to sit on chair the whole day because of the nature of work and you use fatty diets. It will not be digested easily. This will not help you and ultimately your body fat will increase and your digestion system will not work efficiently. Thus this will result in improper digestion and weight gain. All you need to do is to change your diet to control your body fats so that you don’t get overweight and shabby.

Avoid foods that add fat to your body like sugar, fatty acids, French fries, cheese burgers and butter etc. These all foods are rich in calories and increase sugar level to your body and make you fatter than ever. It’s better to use fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet because these are easily digestible and provides great source of vitamins to your body. There are lots of companies that are offering food supplements that contain extracts of different foods. There is no harm if you use them in proper quantity to get energy. It will also improve your digestive system and your stomach doesn’t have to work vigorously. Also divide your diet in small meals. Like taking 6 small meals in a day is good than taking 3 heavy meals.

Natural weight loss is really helpful method in reducing body weight and you ultimately become fit and smart. You don’t have to go to gym to take heavy exercise to loss weight and you don’t have to spend any money on your weight loss plan. However, morning walk and a little exercise is recommended by doctors to keep yourself younger forever.

This article is written by Lara Lee, a prominent writer and editor for Lara specializes in weight loss studies and reviews. For more information on a variety of popular weight loss plans, check out these weight loss reviews.

Surgical Weight Loss – Understanding The Risks!

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We take a closer look at the reasons over-weight people and their families are considering surgery to combat the extra kilos and what are the necessary facts anyone opting for this method of weight loss needs to be aware of so as to be an informed and aware consumer of health care products and services, especially in the modern context.

For those who have watched what they are eating and also tried out various exercise options besides fad diets, pills and gadgets promising weight loss but still find body beautiful eludes them, weight loss surgery may well be the answer to all their woes. But, how far is it safe? Is it a long-term option for weight loss and weight management both? What are the possible side-effects of going under the knife? Who can benefit from it? Are there any restrictions on your lifestyle after you go in for weight loss surgery? How much does it cost? What kind of procedures are followed for weight loss surgery and how can one decide whether one is ready for it or not? Which doctor is best for performing weight loss surgery? Does medical insurance cover weight loss surgery? What is the after-care requirement of weight loss surgery?

All these questions need to be addressed first before one opts for weight loss surgery.

First and foremost, weight loss surgery is a major step to take and only recommended by doctors in a worse-case scenario i.e. when no other options for weight loss exist for the patient and if a patient is fit for surgery and can afford it. Overly fat or really obese people are usually recommended to go in for weight loss surgeries and those at health risks for life-threatening diseases may be given the option of going under the knife as well, to get rid of the excess baggage.

Cutting edge technology has empowered weight loss surgery to be considered a viable option for many overweight persons who have undergone a series of pre-surgery tests, including procedures using advanced medical devices such as roentgenograms, lab tests for chemical, bacteriologic and pathologic determination of imbalances in the human body system apart from using monitoring devices that update the doctor about a person’s exact health condition, including any genetic disorders.

High clinical standards being strictly adhered for all these pre-surgical steps makes it possible for doctors and surgeons to make informed decisions and accurate diagnosis for a patient’s weight problem and to educate them about the best surgical option available to them, within a specific budget and timeline.

Many people may be overly concerned about their appearance and thus aspire to improve on certain body parts but others with excess weigh issues to deal with may actually opt for total body sculpting and weight loss. Weight loss surgery is best considered for the latter case scenario rather than simply cosmetic reasons as it helps people lead longer, healthier more fulfilled ones instead of simply more body/beauty conscious ones.

Thus, people considering weight loss surgery would do well to analyze their true health situation, research the process recommended for them, consult an experienced and qualified bariatric surgeon after getting the nod from their family physician as to the pros and cons of weight loss surgery for themselves.

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